Please help us thank our generous sponsors!  The HOT Recumbent Rally would not be possible without them!

Easy Street Recumbents

Mike, Laurie, Micah and Rebecca — the team at Easy Street Recumbents — work tirelessly to bring you quality products and services geared towards recumbent lifestyle during the rally and all year round!  As hosts of the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally, nothing brings them more joy than seeing you enjoying your bikes and trikes.  (Don’t let the expression on Mike’s face fool you.) Whether you want to purchase a new recumbent, need a repair or accessories for your current one, or just want to take a test ride in the parking lot, Easy Street is the place to be!

 Catrike, by Big Cat HPV

CatrikeLogoFlorida-based makers of US-built recumbent trikes.  Check out the new fully-suspended Dumont with its innovative anti-dive front suspension that carves into corners with the sports car precision that is the hallmark of this brand.  A leader in value and quality in trikes, we love selling Catrikes and we’re thrilled to have them sponsoring both the Rodeo and the “GrEASY Street” grilled lunch during Friday’s Laid-back Social.  That’s not quite the same as watching their general manager belly dance at the 2010 Rally, but it is still pretty cool.


images-duckduckgo-comMichigan-based and proud of it, TerraTrike makes a quality product for a reasonable price as part of messianic mission to save the world through tricycles.  They were a prime sponsor at the 2013 rally, where they rolled out the prototype for the Rambler AllRoad (they wanted some photos without snow), and now they are back to introduce a top-secret product of value to all recumbent riders.  They will be our sponsors for the Saturday lunch (grab a napkin).  TT upholds fun as a corporate policy, and we’re thrilled to welcome Brit Herron, our sales rep, to the rally.


azubBuilder of advanced folding and suspended touring recumbents, from the Czech Republic, AZUB will be sending their sales manager Honza Galla to the rally.  In celebration, AZUB and Easy Street will be covering the rally registration cost for anyone who brings their AZUB trike or bike to the rally.  Be ready to learn about recumbent touring from this master of the craft, and about his experience in a solar-assisted bike race from Europe to Kazakhstan.

 Austin Event Lighting


Anthony2Our Rodeo Coordinator, Anthony Fernandez, is lending his event emcee experience to Sunday’s rodeo!  Thanks to him and Austin Event Lighting, we’ll enjoy music, lights, and a truly first class atmosphere.   Thank you!  This guy pulls out the stops.

 Habitat Suiteshabitat

Our sponsoring hotel for several years running, Habitat Suites is convenient to the action and easy to work with. Reserve your room early for special HOT Rally rates. See our Housing page about that.

The Highlander Hotel

highlander-lobby-01If you are coming to the Rally with your pets and you need a pet-friendly place to stay close to Easy Street, or if you just have a thing for ubiquitous statues of pink sheep, then you’re in luck!  The Highlander Hotel is offering special Rally rates for attendees.  See our Housing page for more sheepy details.

San Antonio Bike Tours

While it is true that San Antonio Bike Tours is in San Antonio, you won’t actually find any bikes there since they only deal in trikes! This sounds sensible to us. In fact, if you want to rent a trike and play around on it for a day, this is way to do it (since ESR doesn’t do rentals). Steve is a trike nut and a customer of ours. Win a tour of San Antonio in our raffle.  ALSO, Steve will be setting up an area where you can have a professional portrait taken of you and your ride … look for that, probably in the Welcome and Sign-In Suite (C109).

SAVMIf you fancy a high-end Quest Velomobile or a rugged and affordable Rotovelo, Steve has them in stock. SABT can also do simple maintenance and adjustments on trikes, so San Antonio trikers don’t have to come up to Austin for simple repairs.

Arizona Whips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaker of LED lighted flagpoles.  Originally designed for dune buggies, they have found a following among recumbent riders.  Jerry from Arizona Whips is contributing one “whip” of your choice, mounting hardware and a 9V battery pack to our raffle.  Want to get some lights up high?  Arizona Whips are rugged and dependable.

Bend It Cycling

bent-itBend It has been making our recumbent-specific clothing for years.  Besides providing our purchased rally tech tees, they have donated a variety of items to this year’s raffle.

Bentrider Online

bentriderThe USA’s premier information source on all things recumbent.  Bentrider helps us out every year by ballyhooing our rally for us.


cateye-logo Some of our favorite and most popular accessories, lights, and computers are from CatEye.   This year they are sponsoring our Goodie Bags as well as the most popular of our Community Rides, the Scenic Ride, AND they have donated a few desirable  items for the Raffle.

Da Brim

sporty_cycling_girl_1Summer will be here soon enough, and you’ll appreciate these sun-protective visors from Da Brim.  Thanks to them we’ll be giving away two Da Brims of winners’ choice, in a variety of colors.  These fit neatly to nearly any bicycle helmet.

ESI Grips

siliconegrips100% silicone hand grips are here!  And, they come in custom lengths and in different colors to match the models we sell. They are engineered one side thicker for absorbing shock and vibration with the opposite side thinner for bulk-reducing comfort. The best materials and the best production process creates max shock absorption and grip, while maintaining the lowest weight possible and the highest level of durability.  They are designed and manufactured by a bicyclist to be the best.  ESI Grips will offer some for the Charity Raffle and … stickers for the Goodie Bags.

Finish Line

images-duckduckgo-comWe’ve been using an increasing number of Finish Line‘s bike-specific lubrication and cleaning products around Easy Street.  Finish Line will be providing all rally guests a sample of their original product, their iconic dry chain lubricant.  They are also donating a Pro Care Bucket (handy bucket filled with an assortment of bike care products) to our raffle.


mirrycle_logoPronounced like “miracle,” Mirrycle makes the mirrors that we’ve been putting on practically everything Easy Street has sold for the past 20 years, and not much has changed on the venerable Mountain Mirrycle.  They also make a zoo of bells and horns, some of which they sent us.  We have a giant pile of bells that are going into the goodie bags.  If your particular multi-colored klaxon doesn’t fit on your ICE VTX you can give it to your grandkid.

Nite Ize

Basic CMYKMakers of the Slaplit ankle light and Spokelit multi-colored wheel light, Nite Ize is adding extra visibility easily to whatever you ride.  We’ll have a variety of their products in the raffle.  We are not saying anything about the Goodie Bags — you will just have to be surprised!

Schwalbe USA

schwalbeSchwalbe rules the recumbent tire market and is the official tire sponsor of this year’s HOT.  They make a variety of quality tires in sizes that recumbent riders need.  Most years, our crown jewel raffle prize (the one we give away last, after all of your other tickets have been drawn) is your choice of tires for your bike or trike.  This year Schwalbe has stepped it up and is offering two sets.   Given a set of topline Schwalbe One tires on a trike, that’s about $250 retail.


TerraCyclelogoPat Franz and the crew at TerraCycle are either making recumbent-specific accessories or else they are dreaming up new ones.  Not only that, they are the source for brands like Purple Sky Flags, Windwrap Fairings, Fastback Bags, and Velogenesis seat clamps.  Look for some interesting new items in our raffle.


The supportive but amazingly breathable seat cushion from the Netherlands!  Ventisit got started making cushions for recumbent shell seats and has gone on to all sorts outdoor applications, but owner Bart Van Crasbeek’s first love is cycling, which permeates the business.  Ventisit will be supplying two of their cushions to our raffle.



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