Swap Meet

Starts Friday, look for a table outside and a table inside the Welcome Suite,  and continues through the event.

Bring that valuable pile of recumbent bicycle stuff to trade with folks who will cherish it even more than you.

We’ll supply cards for you to label your stuff with whatever information you want to provide and definitely including your cell phone number for easy contact, and hordes of eager buyers will be chasing you down with money in their hands.

So rummage through your garages, storerooms, attics, hangars, and family crypts, and wherever else you might have low-normal derailers and 18″ wheels squirreled away, and bring those bikes, parts, accessories, literature, apparel, and yard art and turn this “unused stuff” into CASH $$$.

Any of this junk — I mean treasures — left here after the rally will become the property of Easy Street and will probably be given to the Austin Yellow Bike Project.


Sponsored by Easy Street Recumbents in Austin, TX