Community Rides

We have four ride options available on Saturday morning for every skill level!  When you register, you will select a ride distance and speed with which you feel 100% comfortable. These rides are for fun, and no one wants to feel rushed or be left behind.

Ride location will be at the Northeast Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville.  The link provided gets you to the entrance you need to use, the official address being:  2703 E. Pecan St.  Follow signs to the soccer fields.  The parking lot near the Soccer Field Pavilion is where we will be meeting at 9:00 a.m. with the idea of being on the trails by 9:30 a.m.

These rides are UNSUPPORTED, meaning you need to bring your own snacks, water, sports drink, sun protection, and tools to handle any minor vehicle repairs (flat tires, etc).  Limited SAG support may be available for any major break-downs.

A funny thing about recumbents… some of them are the fastest bikes in the world, and some others allow really non-traditional riders to participate, making for some of the slowest bikes in the world.  We’re aiming to please everyone.

Cowpoke Crawl: 8 miles @ Mosey Pace

The Cowpoke Crawl is for those of us who enjoy a SUPER relaxed ride.  Are you new to your recumbent ride and just want to get more acquainted without the pressures of keeping up with a fast-moving group?  Taking things easy after some time off riding?  Just a laid back buckaroo with a speedometer that tops out at “mosey?”  This is the casual, rambling ride for you!

Scenic Ride: 15 miles @ 10 mph

The Scenic ride is a 15 mile excursion that is mainly on the bike trails in the park. Laid back, plenty of rest stops. No one is in a big hurry, though we’ll try to keep an average 10 mph pace. Enjoy the company of those riding and enjoy the view!

Scouts Ride: 20-25 miles @ 11-15 mph

This ride is for those who are not up to keeping up with the speedsters, but prefer a shorter and reduced speed experience. You should be comfortable with riding in a group on streets with light traffic if you want to join this ride!

We’re not looking to drop anyone on this ride, but by the same token if you don’t think you can keep up then please do the Scenic Ride.  Your faithful ride leader will be looking for you if you drop off the back of the pack.

Warriors Ride: 40-45 miles @ 16-18 mph

for those who go ridiculously fast for a ridiculous distance. DO NOT ride the Warriors ride if you cannot comfortably maintain an 18 mph pace for 40+ miles.

For those with a need for speed on a Saturday morning, we’ll have the Warriors ride. If you cannot keep with an 18 mph pace then please join the Scouts Ride. The Warriors ride fast and far on country roads, usually with aerodynamic enhancements. Nobody is going to be there to hold your hand — ride the Warriors ONLY if you can KEEP UP.


7 thoughts on “Community Rides”

    1. Okay, John. Will get you what you are after. When you check in, you will get a complete schedule with all the details you want. I will take a look at the website and make some improvements. And, look for an email that will come to you as a registrant that will also provide some information to think about before NEXT weekend! Oh, and Saturday morning, we will plan to meet out at Northeast Metropolitan District Park at 9:00 with the plan to be riding by 9:30. Thanks for your comments.

  1. I’m riding in from Dallas, so I should be carless for the most part (unless my daughter drives down ) Does anyone want to ride from downtown austin/hotel area over to the start of this as a group?

    Also is there any chance of RWGPS routes for the Warriors ride?

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