This year we’re bringing the Rodeo back to Easy Street.  Food vendors and the Frankenbike Swap meet will complement this event.

The rodeo is JUST for FUN. We REALLY want everyone registered for the HOT to participate.

AND, in keeping with this goal, this year, the Rodeo is going to start with a parade of proud riders and their bikes/trikes who will be vying for first prize in two categories:  “Fabulously Fashionable” and “Wild, Weird, and Wonderful.”  I will say no more for the moment … just let your imaginations get busy!

It is SO Patti Erickson (Rodeo Steer) in action!MUCH FUN to ride in a way most of us have never thought of riding! We strongly stress that you be careful on the turns, and participants ride at their own risk.  HELMETS ARE REQUIRED. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!  We DO give a trophy to the fastest rider in each event, but this is NOT a competition as much as it is a chance to have some great fun riding! Bring noise makers (whistles, cow bells, megaphones) to cheer the riders on. The fastest times in each event and division will receive a super neat trophy (uniquely and artistically made of recycled bike parts for this event)!  Decorate your trike!  Dress up like your favorite cow!

So, here is what we’ve got going on, in no particular scheduled order except that the Fashion Parade is going to come FIRST.

11:00 A.M., Sunday – Rodeo opens with a parade of ‘bents and their riders vying for the audience’s vote as they are judged in two categories:  Fabulously Fashionable and Wild, Weird, and Wonderful.

Followed by (order may vary):

Texas-style Chicken Roping:  Summary version is that this event includes 4 key people; the Chicken (Mike Librik, aka His Royal Majesty Rex Goliath, and others!  Brit from TerraTrike?  Honza from AZUB?  You?), the Cowboy (YOU), the Rodeo Clown, and the Timekeeper (Volunteers, both).  The competition is between the Cowboys who, one by one, will take a turn at “roping” the Chicken with a tire and they will have a certain number of minutes (3?) to see how many times they can do it, if they can at all!  That Chicken is a wily one.

Easy Street will provide Rover 330’s for the Chicken and any Cowboys without a horse, I mean trike.

The Cowboy scores 1 each time a tire goes over the Chicken’s head.  The Timekeeper records the time of each successful toss.  Whoever gets the most points in the allotted time wins.  In case of a tie, the Cowboy who reached their score earliest in their allotted time wins.

The Chicken will keep throwing off the tires which successfully rope him.  The Clown will keep picking up ALL tires and provide a constant renewable supply to the Cowboy.

The Chicken can leave the defined game area to avoid a collision, but must re-enter immediately.  The Cowboy is disqualified if they leave it.

The Cowboy is responsible for avoiding collisions and is disqualified in case of a collision.  The Chicken will avoid collision as a matter of policy and … survival.

Pole-Bending:  A type of slalom.  If you’ve participated previously, you will know what I’m talking about.  For newbies, you’ll learn fast.

The Out-and-Back:  A straightforward timed speed event.

Sew Velcro onto your pants and recumbent seat — and hold on!


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