On Sunday during the rodeo, we’ll have ongoing Raffle prize drawings that are sure to pique your interest!  Our sponsors are donating a ton of great prizes which you can read about on our Sponsor page.


2017 Raffle Prizes

Included in every registration is one raffle ticket, but you can purchase extra tickets at registration, during the HOT Hospitality Hour, or anytime you see someone with a red cap with unique Raffle Ticket decorations identifying them as a Raffle Ticket Salesperson!  The more tickets you buy, the greater the chance that you’ll win one of the raffle prizes.

We’ve ended up putting a lot of raffle prize info on the Sponsors Page, so go have a look there.  That way I don’t have to write it all down again.

Support Charitable Organizations!

Each year we choose a new recipient for the raffle ticket proceeds.  For 2017, the proceeds of our Charity Raffle will go to the National Stroke Association.

We have a number of stroke survivors as clients because recumbent trikes are a great solution for those with balance issues who still want to cycle.  And, the Easy Street staff can do all sorts of adaptations to resolve issues with other physical challenges which meet the needs of our customers, determined to ride for ALL the reasons which motivate the rest of us, but which are more challenging for this particular segment of our community.

I hope you will all generously support this deserving organization and the Stroke Survivor Support groups which they sponsor with your purchase of raffle tickets!  And, you will enjoy the array of raffle prizes we have as your possible reward for doing so.  Thanks in advance for doing so.

Proceeds from the  in past rallies have gone to Operation Comfort, supporting wounded military, the Friederich’s Ataxia Research (FARA) via the Dallas Ride Ataxia, and  to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) via our webmaster’s participation in the DFW MS150.  These charitable organizations fund research, services, and support to those living with debilitating conditions in search of a cure.  Many people suffering with FA and MS ride recumbent bikes and trikes as a way to keep up their fitness despite their conditions!


ARFA Alex Pedem Alex Peden has Friedreich's Ataxia, but he loves riding his new TerraTrike Tour!
Alex Peden has Friedreich’s Ataxia, but he loves riding his new TerraTrike Tour!








Shelley at the 2015 MS150
Shelley at the 2015 MS150
Emily Penn from Ride Ataxia
Emily Penn from Ride Ataxia

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