Friday Excursion

As we start to gather on Friday, you’ll have the option to follow Paul Brock out on the South Walnut Creek Trail.  Starting time is variable, probably 2PM or sometime after, based on who is there.  This ride will be a 13 mile total out-and-back on the trail, starting at  Govalle Park, 5200 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX  78721, riding up to the Tennis Center and back.  It’s a lovely urban trail!

If you are interested in this ride but think you might be running late, leave a note here and Paul can help you coordinate with us.


6 thoughts on “Friday Excursion”

  1. Stauffer and Goetzinger hope to ride. We are registered and hope to be there by 1PM. Not familiar with Austin. What is location of Start point?

    1. Great! Just come straight to Easy Street and check in. I am sure there will be a group heading up to the Austin Tennis Center and you can caravan up there. The address of the Tennis Center is: 7800 Johnny Morris Rd., Austin, TX 78724.

      1. Rebecca–we take off from Govalle Park, 5200 Bolm Rd., Austin, TX 78721. Taking off from the Tennis Center leaves you with a major climb on the way back.

  2. We will meet at Easy Street Recumbents, and drive over to the start point, together. If you want to go directly to the start point, it is Govalle Park, 5200 Bolm Rd., Austin, TX 78721. The park has ample parking, and gives us a good place to talk through the trail as we will ride it. I will be in a white 2009 Chevy Silverado, with a white Catrike 700, and probably some kind of Easy Street shirt on…

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