The maps below will tell you where you need to be and how to get there, The Schedule will tell you when you need to be there!

Addresses GPS Coordinates of HOT Locations

Those of you who are GPS-savvy will enjoy having coordinates instead of addresses to get your turn-by turn directions.  Or, click on the coordinates to see a map.

Easy Street Recumbents: (30.3236N, 97.72555W)
5555 North Lamar Boulevard c105, Austin, TX 78751
SE corner of Koenig and Lamar, well-hidden in this business park

Habitat Suites: (30.328386N, 97.710018W)
500 East Highland Mall Boulevard, Austin, TX 78752

The Highlander Hotel (30.324444N, -97.710029W)

South Walnut Creek Trail:  (30.312434N, -97.639250W)
Austin Tennis Center parking lot,

Northeast Metropolitan Park (30.412256N, -97.598377W)

Directions to Easy Street Recumbents – from the Easy Street website

Easy Street to Habitat Suites (Printable PDF)
Habitat Suites to Easy Street (Printable PDF)



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