Each year we pull together a grab bag of useful items, provided by Easy Street and our other sponsors.

Here are some highlights for 2017.
cap-c838-kelly-green-with-white-trimcap-existing-croppedEasy Street cap.  We did this in white a few years back and they were a hit.  We’re going to try it in green.



We’ll also have a sample bottle of Finish Line Dry Lube, and a useful shopping decorated in HOT rally style.  And other stuff, we’ll see…

Okay, there’s MORE stuff … including a bell from Mirrycle, a tire lever set from Schwalbe, a magazine and 6-mo membership coupon from Adventure Cycling, branded socks, and a useful branded aluminum case power bank for whatEVER you haul with you that might run out of juice.  Whatever else turns up is just going to be a surprise!


2 thoughts on “Goodies”

    1. An Easy Street cap decorated with our special, limited edition “20 yr logo” will be the main item in your “Goodie Bag.” I don’t know if you have seen the caps we have had in the past, but we are ordering the same type and they are high-quality and comfortable. Have you voted on your preferred color yet? 🙂 You will also get a 20-yr logo patch that can be sewn on to anything you wear. And, then we are collecting various other smaller items. I am expecting the Goodie Bag itself to be a reusable grocery bag decorated with our logo as well as the logos of our sponsors. I know one sponsor is providing stickers, another is providing a dry lube sample. No telling what else will be in there! -Rebecca

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