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What do I need to bring?

Glad you asked!  We’ve put together a packing checklist for you!

  • Maps: print them if you need hard copies.  Otherwise you can always access GPS coordinates and linked maps from your smartphone.
  • Pot-luck food to complete our Grilled Weenie vision for Friday’s Laid Back Social at Easy Street.  Easy Street will provide weenies, buns, condiments — you provide the rest!  Bring your lawn chair for lounging in the parking lot, Easy Street-style!
  • Did you rummage around and find anything to help you make big bucks at the Swap Meet?
  • Your favorite bike / trike / tandem — ready to ride!  There is not going to be much available time for last-minute service from the Easy Street staff — the shop remains open during the entire event.
  • FLASH!  We want you to participate in the Fashion Parade on Sunday morning.  Choose your category:  Fabulously Fashionable or Wild, Weird, and Wonderful.  The audience will vote.
  • Your HELMET.  Safety first.
  • Along those lines, bike lights — you might want to ride off to a restaurant Friday or Saturday night.
  • Ride and lounge clothing: check the weather and choose wisely!  As of Feb. 18, the weather is looking great.  YAY!
  • Ride nutrition: water bottle / bladder, sports drink, and snacks for our UNSUPPORTED rides.
  • Sunblock and / or umbrella for outdoor activities.
  • Rain gear — just in case!
  • Camera for preserving all your fun times with new friends.  Don’t forget to share on Facebook or email your photos to Easy Street’s Minister of Culture.
  • Lawn chairs: just keep them in your car for various group events throughout the weekend.
  • Cowbell / Noise Maker for Sunday’s Rodeo.
  • Money for extra Raffle Tickets: support charitable organizations and win some really great prizes from our sponsors!!  Cash and checks are encouraged for raffle ticket purchase, but credit card purchase will be available … we don’t want anything to stand in your way!
  • Shopping list to use at Easy Street for all your recumbent gadget needs.

I’d love some keepsakes from the Rally but I’m not the best photographer.  Where can I find great photos?

Our Official Photographer for the Rally is the wonderful and talented Steve Wood at Your Paparazzo!  When you see them at the Rally, say *CHEESE*!  After the Rally, prints, digital downloads, and other products can be ordered directly from their website.  Prices will vary according to product class. You can check out their photos from the 2014 Rally, 2015 Rally  and the 2016 Rally.  

We will also be posting amateur photos on our Facebook page real-time throughout the weekend: feel free to post yours there too!

Where do I stay during the HOT rally?

Please visit the Housing page for information about different lodging options.

Can I park my RV at Easy Street?

Unfortunately, NO!  The parking situation at Easy Street is not conducive to hosting RVs and other large vehicles.  Please visit the Housing page for a list of suggested RV/camping sites and leave your feedback in a comment at the bottom of the page!

Can I bring my pet to the HOT rally?

Of course!  We love animals at the HOT rally, especially those who ride with their owners.  However, the Habitat Suites hotel near Easy Street does not allow pets. Visit the Housing page for pet-friendly hotel suggestions.  Please obey leash laws during the HOT rally for the safety of your pet and other attendees.

Do you rent out recumbent bikes / trikes for the weekend?

We don’t do rentals right now, though that will probably change in time.  From Easy Street’s perspective, the Rally wouldn’t be the best time to start, just because it is such a crazy weekend. Anyone can come by and test ride our stock, but that isn’t the same as renting it and driving away with it. One idea, though, is that we’ll have a lot of people there who own spare trikes and they might be able to bring a couple of spares. Contact us directly about this and we might be able to find you some help. Email or call us at the shop. Ask for Mike, though it is usually Micah taking the calls and emails.

I’m not from around these parts.  How do I get where I need to be?

We have you covered!  Visit the Maps page to get GPS coordinates of various HOT locations and links to Google maps and printable directions.

Why is attendance limited to ~100 registrants?

The HOT Recumbent Rally and Rodeo is such an awesome event, and we want all our friends in the recumbent community to join us! However, for the safety and enjoyment of everyone who attends, at this time we simply cannot logistically grow attendance to over 100.  Therefore, if you don’t want to miss it, you need to register EARLY.  The number of tickets remaining is displayed clearly on the BikeReg registration page.   If you snooze, you will lose out on being able to participate.

I need more social media in my life.  Where can I follow the latest HOT Happenings?

The HOT Rally is on Facebook!  You’re quite welcome to join us, submit your own photos from the event, and share any thoughts you have about the Rally.  Links to new Blog posts and other updates will be posted there often.  You can also subscribe to our Blog directly via email (click the button at the bottom of the right sidebar).

My plans have changed and I need to cancel. How do I do that?

Refund requests will be accepted until January 31, 2017. Email Rebecca to let her know your need to cancel and she’ll start the process!


Really, it’s all true!


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