Another major sponsor: AZUB

This has been brewing for a while but we’ve finally locked it all down… Honza Galla, adventure cyclist and sales manager for AZUB recumbents, will be our guest at the 2017 HOT.  Honza will present on his adventures in a recent solar-assisted bike race across Asia, and share his knowledge in our touring seminar at Bent U.  azub

Honza is looking forward to meeting AZUB riders, so toward this end, AZUB and Easy Street are partnering to cover the registration fee for anyone who brings an AZUB to ride at the event.  More details coming soon, but I’ll be spend part of today chasing all our AZUB customers to let them know.


2 thoughts on “Another major sponsor: AZUB”

  1. Honza sent along a Czech music cd that I’m growing quite fond of — was hoping we could put a copy in every Goodie Bag. Unfortunately, they are too expensive to do that. Sigh. Well, I will look for an opportunity to use it as background music! 🙂

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