Weigh in on cap colors!

Hey Everybody!

Our main gift in the Goodie Bag this year is going to be a cap.  I’m very excited about this because we have not had Easy Street caps around for a few years now, and I was able to find the exact same one AND a very similar one that gives us a choice of colors.  This is where you come in.  I am including a picture of the cap as it last existed.  We will be using our Easy Street “20 year” celebration logo, but that’s not much different than what you see.  And, yes, we can get it in white — which, admittedly, goes with everything.  On the other hand, maybe it’s time for a change.  Should we go with one of the greens?  Probably the “spearmint” green is the closest to the color that already appears in the logo, but maybe we don’t need the green of the cap to match the green of the logo.  What do you think?  Can hardly wait to hear your opinions! 

cap-existing-croppedKelly Green

Kelly Green

Spearmint Green
Spearmint Green




3 thoughts on “Weigh in on cap colors!”

    1. Hey David — this is the one! These are great caps. I just love mine. But now, WHICH green do you prefer? Did you notice the poll where you can vote? Thanks for responding.

  1. The white cap is winning … if you want one of the greens, you better get your supporters to vote! I was SO hoping for green. Ah well. We will go by the popular vote. 🙂

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