Registration for the 2017 HOT is now open

This is the first time we’ve used for registration.  I think this will be a good fit, but we’re still figuring it out so please let us know if anything is confusing.  We’re still settling lots of details about schwag, merchandise, sponsors, and raffle items.  This event is evolving, so expect some of the same from last year and some new stuff.  I’ll keep you posted as more is settled.


One thought on “Registration for the 2017 HOT is now open”

  1. I’ll be there! I did the Friday ride at the South Walnut Creek trail, instead of the VeloWay last year. It was closer to ESR, which was better, given Friday traffic.

    I also served as ride leader for the Cowpoke/Slowpoke Crawl, and would be happy to lead the beginners, again.


    Paul W. Brock

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