Weather Outlook

Enjoy this humorous and practical weather update from the Head Honcho himself, Mike Librik.

I consulted the witch doctor’s magic chicken bone and here is what I got:

  • Friday – Fabulous, sunny, very little wind.  We’ll about at about 70 degrees in the shade and warmer on our trikes.  It will be a great day for playing outside, with 0% chance of rain.

  • Saturday – A little cloudier, meaning less UV, but UV is still rated as “high” so bring your sunscreen to the rodeo.  Winds will be higher but still minor.  Temperatures will warmer, and will continue to warm all weekend.  Rain chances are at 10%, and not much of a threat in Austin’s urban heat island.

  • Sunday morning – Winds are predicted to be around 16mph, though there is no telling when peak winds will be (hopefully later).  Folks on the Semi Tough and Warriors rides will see the most winds.  UV will be high, so keep that sunscreen handy.  Temps Sunday will go near 80, but probably not in the morning when we’re out riding.  Bring layers and expect to shed them.  Rain chances are at 20%, and not of much concern.  We’ll watch that as Sunday approaches.


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