Anthony’s Letter for HOT:

To fully understand someone is to walk in their shoes. With that said, I have some big shoes to fill. I would first like to thank both Mike and Shelley for their endless support. It will surely be needed.

As for my background, I work in several different fields. One is event planning, and in this job you rely and count on others to help. With large events, you have countless moving parts like sound, artists, lights ,food, etc. From all the work that is put into this event, I can see that it too will require a lot of time and effort to be successful.

My wife, Lourie, and I ride a TT Rover Tandem and we would have never done so many miles on a standard diamond bike frame (also a lot less fun!) It was the HOT video I saw in 2012 that got me hooked. Once we started riding we were hooked

Without further adieu, let’s start from the beginning. The Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo is a three day recumbent culture event that celebrates the life that rides reclined! It’s a social event that allows attendees to meet and greet fellow riders and do the one thing we all love: to ride. Also included in this event are informational panels put on by Recumbent University and not to mention the rodeo bit!

We are very excited to a part of the HOT Rally again and I will update at least once a week with the status of the rally. Our first priority at this time is to find a new location for the rodeo!
We are still only 3 months away which is a long way to go but a short time to get there!
Thank you,
Rodeo Clown


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