The show must go on…..

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce that I am no longer involved with the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo.  This is really, really sad for me, as I have been spearheading this event since 2009. It is like losing your best friend.

Since I am no longer the head cheerleader for Easy Street Recumbents, I am handing the pom poms and megaphone over to Mike Librik for him to rah rah the event through. I did have a majority of the work done for the HOT, so it should go off without me being around.

But no kisses from the Rodeo Queen (Sweet P) for the winners at the rodeo.

The show will go on, and probably even better without me there yelling orders at everyone. But as they say on the famous game show. I am going to walk. Final answer  😦

~Jane Knight


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