New Leadership for the HOT Rally

In case you missed it on Facebook, the following message is from Mike LIbrik, owner of Easy Street Recumbents:

Just posting notice to any of you HOTties that didn’t know… With regrets I announce that the outstanding Jane Knight has stepped down as Easy Street’s Minister of Culture.

However, the HOT rally will go on. Organizing duties fall back to me, and it is just as well that I keep myself at the controls of this event every now and then. I try to delegate duties just to keep focused, but on the other hand it is good that I keep some mastery of everything this shop does, so I’ll be at the wheel this year (eek!). While I’ve managed shop events in the past, the HOT has grown considerably under Jane’s supervision.

Getting on the phone and calling people isn’t really my specialty, but event volunteers should expect to hear from me soon to catch me up on their plans, expectations, and support needs. I’ll make an effort to call our attendees as well do discuss ideas and vision.



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