“I’m melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Whew. 100+ degree weather is NOT a cyclist’s friend!  I am dreaming of January when the weather is cool enough to not drown in sweat!

Just a few updates There are now 29 openings left for the 2016 HOT. Once these 29 are filled, no more registrations will be taken.. We will start a list waiting for those who were too late and did not register and they will be contacted in order if there are any drop outs. Remember – we will offer refunds for registration if you have to drop out by December 31, 2015. If you are wanting to attend but not sure, better register now.  In fact, we will offer refunds as long as we have some one to take your spot up until the HOT.

Our Rodeo Boss, Anthony Fernandez, is keeping his eyes peeled for alternative rodeo “arenas” for the HOT rodeo. He has a potential location under surveillance,  When (if) it cools down, Greg, Sweet P and I will make a trek over to Austin to do some riding and checking out. Will let y’all know when that happens and everyone is welcome to come and scope it out with us!

On a very proud note, our web wizard and my right hand woman, Shelley Stracener, was awarded the prestigious Society of Women Engineers award!!! We are so very proud of Shelley.

Hope everyone is using good judgement about avoiding heat strokes.

~Jane Knight


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