Dog Days of Summer

I feel sure some of you have become Early Birds in order to be on your trike or bike at sunrise to beat the heat. Whatever it takes — just hope everyone is getting time on their recliners!

I have been hearing about a lot of tandems being added to some people’s stables of trikes and bikes. What fun is that? Tandems are incredibly fun to ride and perfect for some situations. They have their quirks, mind you – they turn like Mack trucks and hills take on a new meaning to climb. Once you find your groove though, they are a hoot. With the three of us on our tandem (me, Greg and Sweet P), we had to get a BionX to get the weight up a hill. Man oh man, the fun factor SHOT through the roof after that BionX got on.  It took some getting used to riding stoker (the person in the rear), but now I actually love it — I can file my nails, read a book, whatever I want to do while pedaling now. No having to worry about watching the trail in front to make sure I don’t hit something or go off the trail, etc.  Since I have no peripheral vision, for the first time I get to turn my head and look at the surroundings. So I am a huge tandem fan.

I realized that we have the potential to have a really fun tandem division at the HOT rodeo in 2016!  There are 2 classes for tandems — speed race and barrel race. If we get enough interest up – we can have a HotShot race for the title of Fastest Tandem In Texas!  You tandem folks let me know — I can get a trophy polished up for the Tandem HotShot!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!  This is going to be THE BEST rodeo ever!!

Note: 34 spaces for the HOT are remaining. Once they are gone, they’re gone. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

~Jane Knight


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