2016 HOT Jerseys and Tech Tees

I love the look of jerseys and Tech Tees. However, like most of us, I do NOT love the fit of jerseys and tech tees! So much so, that I have chosen to accept the Mission of convincing Bend It Cycling to wake up and smell the coffee — their measurements are not for normal people!!!

I am confident that I can get this done. It takes some longer than other to realize that I will NOT quit until I get my way. Bend It has tried to ignore me, but we all know I am kind of hard to ignore. Since I cannot hear “no” for an answer, I refuse to acknowledge “no” on any level! ha ha ha  No, in all fairness, Bend It seems to be trying to understand me (what part of “they don’t fit right” do they not understand?). They will be at Interbike in September, and Sweet P and I will take a lawn chair and sit at their booth until they agree to work this out. I am relentless.

That being said, I hope all of you who have previously avoided the jerseys and tech tees like bikinis or Speedos will consider purchasing the 2016 version. I received the mock up from Bend It and nearly fell out of my chair. It is gorgeous!!!!!! Talk about love at first sight!


I am going to be able to get these really reasonable this year, so there is no reason not to buy one: they look better than any jersey ever made (okay, I am prejudiced), they are going to FIT, and they will not bankrupt you. Win, win, win. I can just see our group photo taken at the HOT now!!!

Will keep you posted. For some, just drool over the above photo!!!

~Jane Knight


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