Stepping up to the plate – call for volunteers

The wheels are starting to turn for the 2016 HOT now. I am getting the frame work all in order so we can build from the ground up. Putting out the call for volunteers now.

I need dependable people to help me on several things. On Friday, I need help at the laid back social and registration. Last February, Bonnie Tuner just stepped up to the plate (no pun intended) and manned the food table for us. I sure did appreciate that. I would like to have several people to do shift work on that for me. if possible. Say, man it for an hour at a time.

I need some one to man the raffle ticket sales for us at the Laid Back Social and registration. Again, shift work would be preferable.

I need a time keeper for the rodeo. Greg will be timing people, and he will call out the times when the rider crosses the finish line. It would be preferable to have ONE person do this for the entire rodeo, because it is important to have a uniformity in the timing and recording. Also at the rodeo, I will need some one to call the riders up for their run. Anthony Fernandez will be our DJ and do the talking, but I need some one to sit with him to tell him who to call up. And I can use all the cowboys that are willing to hang around the areana and hellp set up for the events.

A BIG volunteer need is for ride leaders for Sunday’s rides. We have 4 rides: the Warriors for those who ride ridiculously far at a ridiculously fast speed. Dan Hanson has been the leader in the past. He’s crazy enough to do it 🙂   I need a leader for the Semi Tough ride. This ride is not for weenies like me. It is about a 20 -25 route that goes at a respectable speed of about 12- 14 mph. I will also need some one to ride Sweep for this ride to make sure we do not lose anyone or to be aware if some one has mechanical problems. The Scenic ride is probably the ride that the leader needs to have very good skills. It is our largest ride. There will be around 50 riders in this ride. I need LOTS of Sweeps and people to keep a close eye on our riders for this ride. The Scenic rolls at a 10-12 mph pace for about a 15 mile distance. The Cowpoke Crawl also has a large number of riders. This ride is a slow pace ride meant for those who do not ride fast, It is a 10 mile or less ride. I need a leader and Sweeps for this ride as well.

I am sure I will come up with more jobs I need help with. Please let me know if you might be interested in being a HOT helper.

~Jane Knight


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