May updates

Well, it is about time to start up the HOT machine! Have already got some major groundwork covered. A few notes:

Our friends at the HOT Hotel (Habitat Suites) suffered some damage from the floods in Austin over Memorial weekend. Here’s hoping that clean up goes smoothly. They let me know they have it uder control and should be in order by the end of the week. They apologized for not having the HOT code ready for y’all to start placing your reservations for 2016, but they will get the contract to me as soon as they can. I recommend placing your reseravation as soon as the information becomes available. You can always cancel ity if it appears you cannot make it closer to the HOT, but once he rooms are gone, they are gone. The HOT Hotel works GREAT for us. The units are not “hotel rooms” but instead a suite with a sparate bedroom and kitchen and plenty of room to bring your trikes and bikes in for the night. They give us a block on the FIRST FLOOR so that it is easy to bring out cycles in. Great breakfast and happy hour free of charge. It is a “green” hotel and they do not waste stuff. You have to ask at the front desk for bagged ice (fgr your coolers and stuff). Everything about the place is meant to be environmentally friendly. Super nice folks that LOVE the HOTties.

I need to find a good give-a-way for the 2016 HOT. I normally have them in my house by now — I am kind of over-the-top about planning ahead. I am open to suggestions if anyone has them.

Also, I ant to throw something out for some feedback from the HOTties. Do y’all want a 2016 HOT jersey available for the HOT? O regular t shirt available to buy, or one like the 2015 shirt that is wicking and super light? A fancy. smancy Tech Tee from Bend It Cycling? All of the above? None of the above? Please let me know your thoughts on this subject. We aim to please, but I need to know what the majority prefers. Message me through facebook, or email me at

Austin Events and Lighting will be sponsoring the Rodeo in 2016!!! We are talking SERIOUS fun here, people. Anthony Fernandez is over-the-top fun \, and the rodeo will be in GREAT hands under his lead. Note: look on the HOT website at the videos on how to run the pole bending, barrel race, and speed race. Also, you speedsters practice your straight line sprinting!! This will give you something fun to work on during the summer (and fall, and winter!).

Starting to collect sponsors for the HOT. If you know of a business or person who would like to come abaord as sponsors. give them my email address (the one above).

Questions? Comments? Let’s hear them!

~Jane Knight


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