A Huge Thanks to all of the Generous contributions

I wanted to update everyone about the proceeds from the Raffle and how they have been put to use. Everyone was so very, very generous with raffle ticket purchases. We raised $850 with sales, and are very grateful for all of the generous donations.

Sadly, ARFA (Assistive Recumbents For All) has had to take a leave. Renay and Christi Andrews were working like slaves to make ARFA work. It has just gotten to be too much work for three people to handle. And Renay and Christi are now the proud parents of a precious baby boy, and ARFA just demanded too much on many different levels.

So this years raffle contributions have been used to help find a cure for Ataxia and to help the Multiple Sclerosis fight. Some of our recumbent riders are battling these conditions, and we wanted to put our support behind finding a cure.  A contribution was given to Ride Ataxia Dallas, and to support Shelley Stracener in her MS 150  ride coming up in May.

Easy Street Recumbents and the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo appreciate your support in helping with these two worthwhile fights.

~Jane Knight


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