Closing down the 2015 HOT

Wow. What hit me? The HOT came like in a lion, and left like a lion!

Our number finally came up in 2015, and we had to deal with bad weather the ENTIRE time. We had a lot of people that had to skip and stay home because of the weather, and that was sure a disappointment. But we were sure tickled to have over 70 (out of the 100 registered) show up for a fun time — regardless of the cold and rain!

Where to start????? Let’s go chronologically…

A HUGE thanks to Paul “Male Model” Brock for braving the really cold weather and drizzle to lead a few brave souls out to the Veloway for a ride. That was the ONLY riding during the HOT. They headed out Friday afternoon while the Laid Back Social was in progress. The Sweetheart of the HOT – Shelley Stracener – did her usual top notch job of checking people in. That girl is GOOD!!! For all of you that helped sell raffle tickets – a BIG KISS for you (Gary Bradford for one). Bonnie Turner, the wife of our Corpus Christi Catrike 700 rider, Mike Turner – took control over the goodies table and WOW was she ever good at that! Bonnie came to the HOT with no intention of becoming one of the recumbent die hards, but I suspect we may have brainwashed her into becoming one of “us”! 🙂 Love, love, love that lady!! And on the subject of goodies, I cannot thank everyone enough for bringing enough food to feel a third world country, and boy oh boy was there every a terrific variety of YUMMY snacks. Y’all are the BEST.

We would have had some really sore rear ends had it not been for Anthony Fernandez bringing all the chairs for us to set up, as well as tables, the HOT banner, etc. Anthony was going to treat us to a rodeo to out all other rodeos to shame this year. OH MAN did I EVER hate having to cancel the rodeo!!!! I am hoping he can work it out to be in charge of the 2016 rodeo. It would be TOO MUCH FUN! I had even been practicing my Two Step for the dancing at the rodeo!!! 😦

Recumbent University was abbreviated this year, as one of the professors tried, but could not make the entire trip and had to turn around and go home due to weather (Dan Hansen). But Mike Librik performed outstandingly and taught us a thing or two. The raffle was a lot of fun. I want to thank those generous winners who donated the prizes they won, but could not use, back to the raffle for others. Wow. What an incredible group of people the HOTties are!!!

Rebecca DiLuce worked her precious little tail off for us! Rebecca made sure we had plenty to drink, and she is the one that delivered our lunches! I feel bad I did not tip her!!! She is THE MOST pleasant person I know. Sweet as pie.

Steve Wood and Suzanne Teshera brough their photo set up and got some FABULOUS shots of some of the HOTties during the day. Gary and Gay Bradford, who had worked magic creating “Red Bull” (the side by side tandem) lent Red Bull for photo ops for those silly enough to put on the bull caps and grin like thieves for a photo! Daniel and Leticia, your shots are SO CUTE!!! And Billy Younts looks downright SCARY in his mask in that phantom velo!!!! Super fun. I bought the whole album and sure have had fun looking at these shots!!!

Phil Allen and Steve Erickson worked like slaves interviewing people for the documentary on recumbent riding they are doing. Phil is an EMMY AWARD WINNING documentary film maker!!! WOW. A huge thanks to Catrike for making this possible!!! I can’t wait to see the video when it is completed!!!

I was shocked and tickled to received the gorgeous flowers from my boss – Mike Librik. A big thanks to Mike for tolerating me and my crazy ideas. Mike (who owns Easy Street) told me from the very first HOT to make this a celebration of riding recumbent. He gives me free rein, and is not in this as a money maker (which is a VERY good thing with ME planning it!). Mike is the reason this HOT works.

My sincere thanks and gratitude has no limits for Shelley (Stracener), She is INCREDIBLE. Shelley is the reason this HOT was such a success. She took control of the web site and registration and everything technical. Shelley is my right arm. Not only that — she is a delight just to hang out with!!!

Even though the rain put a halt to some of the riding activities, it could not stop us from having a GREAT time just being together. Recumbent riders are THE BEST friends rolling. Everyone seemed to really enjoy getting to know and become friends with others during the HOT.
I cannot begin to thank everyone in writing on how very much it means to me that you would brave the elements just to come hang out at the HOT. I consider all of you very good friends.

I have put in my order for GREAT WEATHER for the 2016 HOT. I started work on it the day I got back from the 2015 HOT. A true labor of love.

See you at the 2016 HOT!!!

~Jane Knight


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