HOT Rally Follow-Up

Greetings, HOTties!  We hope your travels home were swift and safe!

As you get back to your normal routines, please take a moment to fill out a short feedback survey for our event.  ***You can access the survey by clicking here.***  Your responses are very important to us and we appreciate your honest feedback.
If you were unable to join us at all this year, we sorely missed you!!  Jane is coordinating the shipping of any purchased merchandise in the coming weeks.
We realize the weather was far from ideal this year, but when you plan an event six years in a row, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.  Odds are next year’s weather will be much improved!
Please stay in touch with us so you don’t miss a single bit of news about plans for the 2016 HOT Rally!
 Don’t forget to purchase your favorite photos from Your Paparazzo: Steve and Suzanne did a SUPERB job capturing our time together!  A special thanks also to Anthony Fernandez and Austin Event Lighting who provided the chairs and tables we used for our time indoors: we can’t wait to see what he has planned for next year’s outdoor events!
And of course a very special thank you to our Fearless Leaders Mike Librik and Jane Knight (and her tireless husband Greg Long!) whose dedication and hard work make this event possible.  Oh and Sweet P, who is still the Queen wherever she is, even though we had no Rodeo.  🙂
Here are some upcoming events you might be interested in:
See you on the road!

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