We are so sad and disappointed to say we have made the decision to cancel the Rodeo for today.  The weather is just not cooperating: it’s colder than predicted and still drizzling so for everyone’s safety we just cannot hold the action-packed Rodeo events.  Unfortunately we don’t have any control of the weather: we wish we did!!!

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s photos from Your Paparazzo reps Steve Wood and Suzanne Teshera!  They turned out so good!  Be sure to thank them if you see them at breakfast and purchase your favorites as a memento from this weekend.

Please be careful on your way home today!  If you like, stop by the shop to tell Mike and his crew goodbye.

We are glad we had the chance to visit with all of you and hope you got to make some new friends, learn how to take care of your recumbents, stocked up on gear from Easy Street, and enjoyed your goodies.  We hope to see you next year when the weather will hopefully be much better (couldn’t get much worse)!


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