HOT weather

Some people are really concerned about the weather for the upcoming HOT.

First, to my friends north of Dallas, please quit laughing. Yes, if it gets below 50 degrees, Texans break out their heaviest coats and light the fireplaces we get to use a few times a year, if we’re lucky.

The Weather Chanel has the forecast for next Saturday (the rodeo) at 20% chance of rain and a high of 57 degrees. Personally, I don’t like it much warmer than that. Yesterday, they were showing 60% chance of rain and 50 degrees.

But never fear, Jane is here. I am working on Plan B and Plan C if it DOES get bad and rain or something on Saturday.

Remember – the HOT is NOT a “bike ride.”  We are a three day recumbent culture celebration. We come together to make friends, learn a thing or two, find out what;s happening on the recumbent scene, act silly, ride some — it is a three day recumbent party. If our ride time DOES get cut a little short, or we have to juggle some events, big deal. It is the best time no matter WHAT we are getting into!

We have access to a large (for us) indoor space this year (Recumbent University loaction – minus the chairs). Bring snacks and lawn chairs and we can hang out in there on Friday if it is too cold to sit outside. We can run out and test ride trikes and bikes, then run in and snack away. SO bring food! 🙂

So bring your warm clothes (and your flip flops — this is Texas and it is just as likely to be 80 degrees Saturday as it is to be 45 degrees). Come with an open mind, but rest assured — we are going to have a ton of fun no matter what!

~Jane Knight


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