It’s almost SHOW TIME!!!!!

The clock is ticking down now! NEXT WEEK is the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo!!!!

I have continuously been reminding you of things to bring, etc for the HOT. One LAST reminder:

* Lawn chairs. If you have room, throw soem lawn chairs in the car to bring to the HOT. We are scrambling for chairs for Recumbent University, and if you don’t have a trike, you are going to need a place to sit during the rodeo when you are not riding!

* Print out a waiver form from the HOT website here, sign it, and hand it over at registration.

* HAVE MAPS READY FOR FINDING THE PFLUGERVIILLE PARK FOR SUNDAY’S RIDES.  You can find the map on the website here. Please print it, load it on your GPS, whatever.

* Google map Easy Street’s location if you have never been to Easy Street before. It isn’t easy finding Easy Street.  5555 N Lamar Suite C 105, Austin, Texas 78751.  You can also find a few maps to Easy Street here.

* If you purchased a HOT performance shirt or HOT jersey, please wear it Saturday. We want to get some photos before the rodeo.

* Remember, we will be having a professional photographer at the HOT this year. They will be offering photos at super reasonable prices of shots from the HOT. This is your chance to get that super photo of you on your trike or bike!!!

* Supper Friday and Saturday nights are on your own. Some of you may want to get together and go eat some where together. Google places to eat around Easy Street to get some ideas. Jim’s Restaurant is good, Dan’s Hamburgers, Threadgills — there are tons of places. Just ask others about meeting up to go eat!

* Sundays ride are NOT supported. Please bring your own water and snacks. We just like to get together for one last ride together before we all go home. Nothing fancy — just a ride with friends!

* Bring sunscreen. Who knows what the weather will be from hour to hour in Texas! On that note, bring a light jacket and/or sandals — you never know if it is going to be cold or hot from one hour to the next!

* Classes start at 9 o’clock Saturday morning at recumbent University (Bent U.). But DON’T BE LATE. We are starting at 9:00 o’clock SHARP. Be early, not late!

*Lunch will be at the rodeo arena (McCallum High School) after Bent U. on Saturday. McCallum is less than a half mile from Easy Street.  You can find a maps here.

* The raffle will be at the end of Bent U. You MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Buy lots of raffle tickets!!! Everyone receives ONE ticket in their neck wallets, but you can buy more to support Assistive Recumbents For All (ARFA) in their efforts to provide trikes to the disabled. Tickets are 2 for $5, or 5 for $10.  If you are going to be volunteering over at the rodeo arena and will not be at Bent U. for the drawing, hand me your tickets (write your name on them) and I will be there to listen for your ticket if it is drawn!

* Remember that a group will be heading out to the Veloway Friday afternoon to ride in circles! Paul Brock will be leading a group around and around the super fun Veloway 3.1 miles loop. They will form a line to drive out to the Veloway (it is NOT close) at 1:00 p.m. Friday afternoon at Easy Street. You can pretty much plan on spending the entire afternoon out there. Austin traffic at rush hour resembles Los Angeles traffic. Last year the Veloway riders just went to supper together by the Veloway. If you DO want to head back, please enter the Veloway’s address on your GPS as well as Easy Street’s or get a map here:

Veloway                 4900 La Crosse Av, Austin, TX 78739

* Your raffle ticket, Easy Street coupons, Bend it Cycling coupon, and lunch ticket are IN YOUR NECK WALLET. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. KEEP UP WITH THEM. We ask that you always wear your neck wallet, because it makes it a WHOLE lot easier to remember people’s names when you can see them! YOU MUST HAVE YOUR LUNCH TICKET TO CLAIM YOUR LUNCH.

* We encourage EVERYONE to ride in the rodeo. This is JUST FOR FUN. We will have a rodeo entry sheet at the registration desk. Please sign up for the events you want to ride in. I cannot stress heavily enough how EVERYONE can do this. It is not rocket science, and my GOODNESS it is so much fun.  At the rodeo – riders will be called to ride ALPHABETICALLY. So Nils , you will go first! Billy Younts, you will go last!  We do break the events into three categories – Trike, Bike, and Tandem. The trikes will run first, then the bikes, and then the tandems. Trophies will be awarded after each event. BE READY TO RIDE WHEN YOUR NAME IS CALLED!!!! We want this rodeo to move quickly. BE READY!

* Remember – the HOT Shot is for the speed freaks in the group. The HOT Shot IS a competition and intended for those who want to go FAST. The HOT Shot is the LAST event at the rodeo.

We sure are looking forward to seeing the HOTties next Friday! Be safe n your travels to Austin. And be ready for a super fun filled weekend!


~Jane Knight


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