Your Packing Checklist

What do you need to bring to the HOT Recumbent Rally & Rodeo?  I’m so glad you asked!  We’ve put together this packing checklist for you: comment here if you think of something we missed!

  • Your signed Waiver Form!  Every attendee must turn in a Waiver Form to receive their event packet.
  • Maps: Print them if you need hard copies.  Otherwise you can always access GPS coordinates and linked maps from your smartphone.
  • Pot-luck snack for Friday’s Laid Back Social at Easy Street.
  • Your favorite bike / trike / tandem.
  • Your HELMET!  Safety first!
  • Ride and lounge clothing: check the weather and choose wisely!
  • Ride nutrition: water bottle / CamelBak, sports drink, and snacks for our UNSUPPORTED rides: Veloway on Friday, Rodeo on Saturday, and Sunday roll of your choice.
  • Sunblock and / or umbrella for outdoor activities.
  • Camera for preserving all your fun times with new friends.  Don’t forget to share on Facebook or email your photos to our webmaster!
  • Lawn chairs: just keep them in your car for various group events throughout the weekend.
  • Cowbell / Noise Maker for Saturday’s Rodeo and Hot Shot Race.
  • Money for extra Raffle Tickets: support ARFA and win some really great prizes from our sponsors!!
  • Shopping list and funds to use your Easy Street coupons: see Registration page for details.

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