It’s February!

WOW! This is the month of the HOT!

Some notes to date:

I just placed the performance shirt orders. I had to make a TYPO correction — they had “East” Street Recumbents instead of “Easy” Street. Thank goodness Mike caught it – too small for my vision to catch. Goodness. They were projecting the shirt image to me while I was on chat with them. It is just off-the-charts incredibly good looking. The sweetiie I was talking to it had a FIT over it. He said he loves Austin and visits there frequently. I told him to just plan on coming down the weekend of the HOT and dropping by to see all those good looking shirts on people!

I need to put the request out for some help. I need volunteers for these jobs:

Laid Back Social:

* man the raffle ticket sales desk

* keep watch over the snack table. Make sure everything is in order and all.

* some one to be a demonstrator of how the Alpaca Carrier works on a vehicle. Requires a . 2″ ball. Just be available if some one wants to see how to load. Otherwise, just have it on your car for display during the Laid Back Social.

EVERYONE please help keep the parking lot orderly. If you see trash, please pick it up and throw it away for us.


* An arena hand to re set the poles if they get knocked down during the rodeo

* a practice pen hand to keep an eye on the pylons set up for people to practice on while the rodeo is going on. Just keep an eye on the area – no work, really

* rodeo arena prep hands. We need help setting up for the rodeo. You would have to miss some of the Recumbent University to be at the rodeo working. We need help measuring off the distances to set the poles for the events, we need people to help us inspect the lot to MAKE SURE there are no rocks and glass – throw a broom in the car to bring with you to help sweep. We don’t want any flats!

LUNCH  – lunch will be at the roideo. We need lots of help here. I need someone to:

* collect lunch tickets

* pass out the lunches

* oversee the soft drink/water area

* help set up and take down the lunch distribution area

EVERYONE please pick up any trash you see throughout the day at the rodeo.

We will need someone to help direct parking at the rodeo. The lot we use is at a VERY popular running track. We need someone to be at the entrance to prevent people from trying to get into this parking lot. We have permission to use the lot from the school. But some of the people get cranky who want to park there to go run. TOO BAD. I need the authority type to keep people OUT of this lot!!!

Something else will probably come to mind, but fr right now, this is what I need help with. Please holler at me if you can help out.

We have had some drop outs but the spots quickly filled from the wait list. Sure will miss those that had to drop out 😦  Hopefully we will see them next year.

If there is something you KNOW you want to use your coupon from Easy Street on, better call the shop and MAKE SURE they have it in stock for the HOT. May save you a trip to pic it up a a later date.

We sure are enjoying seeing the Who’s Who at the HOT photos! It will help us be familiar with some faces by the time the HOT comes around.

Remember: the HOT is not an “organized ride”. We DO ride, but it is NOT a supported ride. It is just a bunch of friends getting together to ride. So don’t come thinking you will have everything provided at the Sunday morning rides. Bring your own water. Make sure your trikes and bikes are in good running order. Remember also, that no police will be blocking intersections for us. THINK OF THIS AS A NORMAL RIDE. Obey ALL traffic laws. Do NOT ride side by side on roads. Do not hog the lane – nobody is blocking it and a car could smush you like a bug.  Have a phone with you, or stay close to some one who does in case you have problems and need help. We will have a phone number for you to call and Greg (my husband) will come pick you up. This ride is just for friends to enjoy riding together.

For those of you who have never attended a HOT, there is nothing else quite like this. This truly is a recumbent culture event — NOT a stuffy old bike ride. We all make friends with other recumbent riders that last long after the HOT is over. It is a unique chance to live the bent life with others.

Until the next entry – y’all get your bents cleaned up and start getting some riding in. Remember the rodeo is coming!!!

~Jane Knight


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