The pace is picking up!

Things are really starting to hop with the HOT now. Busy doing final prep of the neck wallets and give-a-ways. &&^%$ printer is not printing yellow, so have a complaint into Kodak as I write. If it doesn’t get fixed, some of the late registering folks may have a kind of funny looking name tag. Sorry about that.

Some exciting news – Steve Wood and Suzanne Teshera of San Antonio Bike  Tours Will be acting as the Photographers of the Recumbent Stars at the HOT )not to be confused with Steve Erickson – Videographer of the Recumbent Stars), They will be shooting top quality photos of the rodeo participants in action, as well as still portraits of you on your trike or bike. WOO HOO!!  I have ALWAYS wanted a portrait of me and Sweet P on our trike. You will be able to buy these first class photos once the HOT is over. How neat is this??????

I talked to Bend It Cycling, and they have agreed to provide jerseys to be available AFTER the HOT. So if you get to the HOT and lay eyes on one of these AWESOME jerseys and realize you made a big mistake not purchasing one, we will have order forms at the HOT so you can order one. Same price, but you will have to add shipping costs (or come out to Crosby and we can go riding when you pick up your jersey from me!).

Performance shirt orders end in ONE WEEK. Don’t miss out. Shirts are $16 plus tax. You can get them in black with either lime green printing or red printing on them. These are NOT t shirts. They are wicking performance shirts. Super lightweight and PERFECT for riding!

Have y’all started your List for things to bring to the HOT?


2, Sunscreen

3. Water bottle

4. NOISE MAKER for the rodeo

5. Go Pro (if you have one — we would LOVE to see your videos from the HOT!)

6. Snack for Laid Back Social if you are hanging with us on Friday

7. Maps (I will be emailing maps of the routes for Sunday rides and directions to the Pflugerville location from Easy Street. PRINT THESE AND BRING THEM WITH YOU).

8. Lawn chairs for the rodeo and Laid Back Social.

9. Credit card or check book – don’t let the Easy Syree coupons go to waste!

If you have any questions, holler at me and we’ll see if we can get answers!

~Jane Knight


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