Swap Meet Instructions

Want to participate in the Swap Meet at the HOT Recumbent Rally?  Check out some updates to the Swap Meet page!

Got stuff you want to sell?  Fill out the form on the Swap Meet page.

Want to make a request for an item and see if someone has it to sell? Fill out the form on the Swap Meet page.

A week prior to the HOT Rally, we will email the master list of items available/wanted to HOT registrants so that people can see exactly what’s available and contact each other with questions.  It’s important that folks who have large items (like bikes and trikes) know in advance whether they will have a seller.  No sense in lugging them to Texas if there’s no interest!  At the Rally, there will be a hard copy available to add items or cross out sold items real-time.  This Swap Meet is strictly available to HOT Registrants ONLY.

Our good friend Gary Bradford is running the Swap Meet.  When you see him at the HOT, thank him for volunteering!

Gary Bradford
Gary Bradford

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