Advice from the Coupon Queen

Is there something you have been itching for to get for your bent (or you!)? Don’ let that coupon you will be getting in your neck wallets go to waste! Know what you want to use it on? Call Easy Street NOW and ask if it is in stock, and if not, ask them to get it by the HOT. One good suggestion for that coupon: a DaBrim. Summer (and LOTS of sun) is just around the corner. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN!!! Either a full helmet Da Brim or a visor sure helps keep that sun off of your face. Let is know what color you want! We have some of our riders dealing with melanoma – it CAN happen to you.

While we are on the subject, maybe use that coupon on some arm (and leg) coolers. These things are off the charts fantastic. They just slide onto your arms and legs, and do a fantastic job of blocking the sun. I have been out in FULKL SUN (no shade at all) for over six hours and had NO sun damage.  I wear the leg coolers too – LOVE those babies.

Been pining away for a basket you put on your rack to take your sweet four legged baby with you? Call and see if they have the Pasja basket in the size you need (Sweet P takes a large – shhhhh. We don’t have to let her hear that).  LOVE MY PASJA basket for Sweet P. That “lid” is fabulous. Yep. good ole Captain Greg turned us over on Deuce (our tandem) one day. We were going really slow (making a corner), but when we went over, Sweet P was NOT thrown from her basket because that lid was on. She was NOT hurt one bit. I kissed that basket dearly. Sweet P, however, gave Greg a dirty look.

Call Easy Street and ask if what you are wanting is in stock. If not, we will sure pull out all the stops to have it in stock by the HOT. But you must let us know WHAT you want so we can have it on hand.

~Jane Knight


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