Excitement is building!!!!

Well, here it is mid January, and the HOT is fast approaching! Goodness this is going to be a fun event! THREE DAYS of playing with other Bent folks and riding and acting silly! I can’t wait!

Just a few little notes here:

* wanted to remind you that you will have coupons in your neck wallets burning a hole to be used.  Two killer coupons from Easy Street and one from Bend It Cycling. I just wanted to bring up the Bend It Cycling one, and put it into your head that you should consider using the coupon for the relaxed fit recumbent shorts they have.


Before you faint dead away at the price, let me assure you these are worth every penny of it (as long as you don’t pay full price by using your coupon 😉 ). I got a pair of these for Greg when I was at the Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago last October. He went nuts over them, and Greg does NOT go nuts over things. He wears them ALL the time — I don’t care how cold it is outside. They are first class, and dead on perfect for recumbent cycling. We all know the challenges of riding reclined. These shorts solve those pesky problems we have.

* There will be a questionnaire in your ride packets from Easy Street. Please take the time to fill this out and drop it off at the shop before you leave the HOT. We really want to know how we can be a top recumbent shop. Easy Street customers know that Mike and the entire staff at Easy Street are THE BEST recumbent whizzes in the south. We want to know how we can become even stronger for our customers. Easy Street really does give a darn what their customers think. So please let us know your thoughts by filling out the questionnaire and leaving it with us during the HOT.

* There i a waiting list for the HOT. NOTE TO JANE: you have GOT to come up with a way to handle more HOTties. Period. Wonder if Michael Dell would let me use their place for the weekend in 2016?  😀

* Start making your lists for the HOT now. Don’t want to forget the important stuff like noise makers for the rodeo and food for the Laid Back Social! Oh yeah, make sure your trike or bike, helmet, stuff like that gets packed too.

* Paul “Male Model” Brock is getting the plans in place for the Veloway Ride Friday afternoon. If you want to get some miles in on Friday afternoon and skip the Laid Back Social, be ready to head out of Easy Street parking lot at 1:00 on Friday, the 27th. The Veloway is NOT with in riding distance, so you will have to drive out there. And plan on going to supper with the Velo Villains – traffic is a *&^% around rush hour. Please let me know if you want to go ride in circles at the Veloway.  It is a REALLY fun place to ride. For those of you not familiar with it, check out the website:


Sweet P is tugging at me to take her walking. More later!

~Jane Knight


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