Enrollment is closed!

Well, we have our cast of characters for the HOT now!  I am floored that we sold out 2 months before the event. We have a real “A” list of recumbent riders coming! Wow – I am really getting excited!

The fine tuning starts now. I have all the neck wallets ready, all the give-a-ways in place. Coupons printed. I am a real Type A about this sort of thing!

Jersey orders ended last night. The order has been submitted to Bend It Cycling this morning. We really appreciate the purchases made for the jersey. For those of you who purchased jerseys last year, be sure and bring them to wear. I want group photos made of the jerseys and Performance Shirts!!!  WOW are we ever going to look SUPER!!!

While I am on the subject of things to bring, might as well post a “to pack” list for y’all!

1. Waiver – these can be printed at home or we will have some for you to sign.

2. Lawn chairs – if you have room after loading your trikes or bikes, throw in a lawn chair. They come in REAL handy at the Laid Back Social and the rodeo. Bring as many as you have room for – some people will be unable to bring them, so any extras will be nice

3. We ask that everyone bring snacks for the Laid Back Social on Friday. We’ll have tables set up to lay all the goodies out on and people can help themselves. Chips, dips, cookies, veggies, fruit  whatever. We appreciate it!

4. Helmet. You gotta wear a helmet when riding. Course, all other times you can have your Easy Street COWBOY HAT on that you will be getting in your packet!

5. NOISE MAKERS!!  Cowbells, whistles, etc. We encourage people to BE LOUD at the rodeo cheering everybody on! The rodeo is JUST FOR FUN, but it sure is fun to yell and cheer people on.

6. Sunscreen and an umbrella – it got HOT at the roo last year and those umbrellas sure felt good blocking the sun while watching. And we are in Texas – WEAR SUNSCREEN!

7. Water bottles. We are going to try and have water available the whole time, but just to be safe – bring your own water bottle.

8. Print directions to Easy Street. Also, print directions to Pflugerville.

9. Credit card or money — remember you are going to have those great coupons to Easy Street in your neck wallet and they are going to be burning a hole wanting to be used!

10. Cameras  We love it when y’all share photos and videos you take at the HOT with us! Plan on having a camera on you to snap the fun. Got a Go Pro? WEAR IT!

11. If you are a note taker, you might want to bring a pad to Recumbent University to take notes. LOTS of information is being thrown out, and some of it actually may be worthy or writing down 😉

12. Why don’t you print up some business cards or slips of paper with your name and email and contact information and what you ride on it? Makes it easy to exchange info with other HOTties in case  y’all want to get together some time and ride!

If you are having some trouble getting to Easy Street and need some directions, Easy Street’s number is (512) 453–0438. Be sure and have that within reach.

Remember, I cannot hear well. If you say something to me and I ignore you, I am NOT ignoring you. I didn’t hear you. Be sure and get in my face to talk to me (I am legally blind too and can only see straight in front of me. I know, I know – I sounds pitiful but really I am not). I love to visit with people and want to talk to everyone at the HOT! Don’t make me come after you! You can’t miss me – I am the pudgy blonde with the cute Pug always with her.

Performance shirts are still on sale! You have until January 30 to order those. They are available with red or lime green printing on them. These are NOT t shirts. They are the wicking performance fabric. REAL light and super nice. These are not shirts you will stuff in a drawer and forget about. Visit the Merchandise page to order yours!

Back to work for this girl. Holler if you have questions!

~Jane Knight


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