Happy New Years HOTties!

Here’s hoping 2015 will be a great year for everyone! Good health, good finances, good riding!

WHOA! Two months away to the HOT! Doing the fine tuning now — everything is right on schedule for a FANTASTIC weekend.

HOWEVER – there are only FIVE SPACES left for people to register or the HOT as of January 1. Once they are gone, registration closes. And no more people will be allowed to register. I really, really wish we could get around it, but until I can pull a rabbit out of my hat, we just cannot handle more than 100 folks without suffering in terms of quality, And I think everyone who has attended a HOT knows we work really hard to throw a QUALITY party I am putting on my Nancy Reagan face and practicing my “Just Say No” to the pleas I will be getting to let people in. But I have 100 give-a-ways. NO MORE.

I just cannot wait to meet all the new friends coming to the HOT! AS well as seeing all my old ones. Going to be SO much fun.

Remember, if you need a hotel for the HOT, the Habitat Suites (aka Hot Hotel) offers a FANTASTIC rate for HOTties ($70 a night for a one bedroom – also with a sleeper sofa IF YOU REQUEST IT – with a separate kitcen and sitting area. Regularly $100+). You must CALL the Habitat and give them the code “HOT15” to receive this rate. No internet reservations at this rate. A LOT of HOTties are staying at the Habitat. Great breakfast and Happy Hour (free), and a lot of room inside to bring your trike or bike in for the night. They are giving us DOWNSTAIRS rooms so we can bring our bents inside for the night.

The jersey orders end JANUARY 5!!!! Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Lots of jerseys have been sold. There will only be FOUR extra jerseys for sale at the HOT. Period. If you want one, get it ordered by JANUARY 5.

LOTS of Performance shirts have been sold, and MAN are we ever going to look kick rear cool in our shirts and jerseys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO. Be prepared to have group photos made with our shirts and jerseys on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to follow. I am POOPED this first day of the new year!

~Jane Knight


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