Winding down 2014

Getting 2014 packed away in order to get 2015 off and running to a fast start!!!

TWO MONTHS until the HOT!!!! Wow it sure seems like time is speeding up – unlike my riding speed ūüôā

We have regretfully made the decision to cap off the 2015 at 100 people TOTAL. I was fudging and not counting volunteers, but realized this was not fair. We REALLY want the HOT to be an event of quality, not quantity. And the more riders in the mix, the harder that gets. As of today, there are 23 openings for the HOT. When we reach the magic 100, all registrations stop. The original HOT was limited to 20 people  So we have made gains. But we have reached our max at this stage. Hopefully we can figure out a way to add more next year.

Jerseys for the HOT can only be purchased until JANUARY 5.  After that, NO MORE ORDERS can be made. Bend It Cycling  told us they need the orders by January 5th in order to have the jerseys ready for the HOT. If you want one of those SNAZZY HOT jerseys, get it ordered NOW.

We are just tickled to no end to have our FIRST international HOTTtie! We have a rider coming from “across the pond” (United Kingdom) and we are sure going to roll out the welcome mat here in Texas for him! Of course, we are equally excited to have riders coming from all part of the United States too!!! Oh man this is going to be a GREAT HOT!!!

One HOTtie got her registration as a surprise Christmas morning,, along with her new Catrike Pocket! Santa SURE WAS good to this lucky girl! Look forward to having a Young Blood with  us at the HOT!!!

Six rooms are left on the HOT Block at the Habitat Suites (HOT hotel). They added more rooms on to our original block number. WOW the HOT hotel is going to be FULL of recumbents!! ¬†WOO HOO!!!! ¬†Remember: to make reservations at the super duper HOT rate of $70 a night, you MUST call (not go online) to make your reservations. Give the code “HOT15” to get that VIP rate!

Here’s looking forward to a GREAT 2015!

~Jane Knight


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