December Notes

Whew! Where is time going? Seems like I am getting pulled in a million different directions right now, as it is every December.

No major happenings to report as of late. We have a good crowd registered now.  We still have some spots open for registration. Those who know me know that I am NOT a big crowd person. The very first HOTs (which were Catrike exclusive affairs) were limited to under 20 people. When there gets to be too many folks, a lot of the characteristics I so treasure in the HOT will disappear, and I am resisting that for as along as I can. I am sincere when I say I truly want to meet and become friends with everyone at the HOT. I want this to be a gathering for friends to come together to visit, learn some things, and have a great time riding in various ways. We work hard to raise money for Assistive Recumbents Fr All so they may provide recumbents to the physically challenged who could otherwise not know the rewards from recumbent cycling. The HOT is NOT a money making venture for Easy Street. Mike hosts this weekend to celebrate recumbent cycling. We don’t want numbers attending the HOT, we want our friends attending the HOT — whether we have met yet or not!

The majority of grunt work is finished for the HOT. Small details need to be taken care of, but the major stuff looks to be complete. I get the neck wallets all made up as soon as a person registers. That way I won’t be knocked down with a lot of work that needs doing at the last minute. Of course, my house looks like a warehouse with everything stacked up for the HOT, but I am one of those who would rather step over boxes of completed projects rather than wait and sweat bullets trying to get things ready at the last minute.

Remember: I have 100 give-a-way items.  We are limiting attendance to 100.  When we hit that number, no more can register.

For those looking for a truly unique Christmas gift for the laid back person on their list, I will send a gift certificate for a HOT registration for those who would like to give a registration to the HOT. Some one will be opening a special package this Christmas morning already! He is going to be one surprised, happy person!

That’s about it from the driver’s seat. Until next time!

~Jane Knight


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