November Notes

Here’s the latest:  For those of you who have registered for the HOT, but not sent any photos of you and your trusty bent, we sure would like to have them for our Who’s Who at the HOT page!

Lots of former HOTties on the list to attend the 2015 HOT, but LOTS of new faces are coming! Always fun to meet new bent people.

Paul “Male Model” Brock is leading the Friday ride for those who don’t want to visit at the Laid Back Social (does this mean they are anti-social?). The ride was at the Veloway last year, but he is scouting a new route to see if that would offer something better. More on that after I get the report.

Had a request for the first gift certificate for some lucky person to be given as a Christmas gift. Well TWO actually – a registration and a shirt. Somebody is going to be a great Santa to a certain some one! I got the gift certificates all made up fancy and sent to the Santa for her to wrap up for her sweetie! I think this is the COOLEST Christmas present! If you want YOUR Santa to consider this as a gift for YOU (assuming you have been a good boy or girl), drop some hints (“Gee, I read the neatest thing today…. some one gave her husband a gift certificate to the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo for Christmas! What a LUCKY person!” ) It might work.  You can get a gift certificate for registration, a performance shirt, and/or a jersey. Shoot – knock them out and get THREE gift certificates for them!!!

Nine rooms left at the HOT Hotel (Habitat Suites) for the HOT block. If you have not made your reservations yet, better get with it. I talked them into adding 6 more rooms to our block. Don’t know if I can get any more than that.

Half the tickets are sold for the HOT. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. We have sold some youth tickets as well — looking forward to having some kiddos with us!

With the holiday madness fixing to be upon us, you might want to get your ducks in a row for your HOT adventure now. Jersey orders MUST BE IN by January 5. That is going to be here before we know it. I need to double check again on the order deadline for the performance shirts. Before the holiday full court press starts, you might consider getting February plans DONE.

Until next time…….

~Jane Knight


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