November Notes

Well, November is here!  October went by like lightening!

Here are some tidbits:

We secured the rodeo “arena” or the HOT rodeo! Once again, we will be rodeoing at McCallum High School. Great location and plenty of room for all us cownoys and cowgirls to play!

The final mock up is in for the 2015 HOT jerseys! Wow is it ever a good looking (and figure flattering!) jersey. The jerseys will be $70 plus tax, available for pick up at the HOT. There  MAY be some jerseys for sale at the HOT, but it is STRON

Jerseys must be ordered by January 5. We MAY order a few extras, but NO GUARANTEES. If you want a jersey – order it before the deadline. = January 5. It is STRONGLY recommended that you pre order yours if you definitely want one. Also, I would recommend ordering up in size at least 2 sizes above what you normally wear, unless you like your jersey to fit REAL snug.  Jerseys will not be ready until the HOT, but print up a photo of one and wrap it up and give to the special bent person on your Christmas list!! Or better ytet — buy one for the bent rider for their birthday in 2015!!! Wat a FUN present this would be!

On that note — time to start thinking CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! Do you still have your coupon for the 2014 HOT? Would be a great chance to use them – they expire December 31. Just about all of us could use SOMETHING for our recumbents (or US!). Go ahead and shoot for the moon — how about using the coupon for 10% of the purchase price of a new bike or trike to be used for merchandise at Easy Street. Do the math. This is MAJOR bling. Want a REALLY fun gift to give? Buy a registration for the 2015 HOT for your bent person. Email me and I will send you a super duper gift certificate for the HOT so you can wrap it up and put under the tree!  Talk about a FABULOUS surprise and gift!!!

Y’all holler at me if you have any questions about the HOT!

~Jane Knight


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