Recumbent Cycle Con trip

I just returned from the Recumbent Cycle Con which was held in St. Charles, Illinois on October 10 through 12. I went to campaign for the HOT, and it was so much fun!

Some notes:

Curtis from Bend It Cycling was at the RCC. I drove him NUTS with the 2014 HOT jersey we sold. I felt sure he would crawl under the table when he saw me coming at the RCC! Surprisingly, he was glad to see me! We got to talking, and he told me they had so much fun with the HOT jersey last year, and would love to do another one for the 2015 HOT. I drive a hard bargain. Looks like we will be able to get them for the same price as last year’s jersey. I fussed at him about the sizing. It was NOT true. An extra large is a 3X in those jerseys. It will probably do no good, so if you are interested in a 2015 jersey – size up at least 2 sizes so it will fit decent.

Met a lot of folks and invited them to hop on the HOT wagon. Bacchetta expressed interest in coming to party with us for 3 days. I was bringing up the wonderful Texas food to Jeff and Luke from Terra Trike (they came in 2013 and ate their way through Texas. BIG Texas cuisine fans!). Extra points to Jeff Yonker for bringing dog treats for Sweet P. Bryan and Lori Ball from Bent Rider Online are sponsors now. They are family with us — GREAT people. I put out LOTS of requests. Hopefully they will come through!

Saw some one wearing a HOT t shirt at the RCC!!!!! šŸ™‚

~Jane Knight


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