First note of October

Just wanted to post the latest…..

We are getting registrations and Who’s Who photos in. I am tickled to see a LOT of new names in our HOT family now! Really looking forward to meeting the new members of the HOTties. We have people coming from all over the country already! Unfortunately, the new registration system we are using does not give us where the people registering live. I hate that. But I know we have some from Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey! We’re ALL Texans for that weekend! 🙂

Six rooms left on our HOT block at the HOT Hotel (Habitat Suites).

Sweet P and I are heading to the Recumbent Cycle Con October 10-12. Really looking forward to that! Want to test out all the new trikes!!! Heard from Jeff Yonker from Terra Trike — he and Luke, who came to the 2013 HOT, will be there. He said he and Luke still talk about the Rudy’s BBQ they had when they were down here. Will be meeting Jeff’s wife too — look forward to that. Patti and Steve Erickson (the creator of the fantastic HOT videos and Videographer of the Recumbent Stars) are going with me. We are going to tear up Illinois the week before the RCC. Hope to make some great contacts for the HOT and see what I can come up with to incorporate into the 2015 HOT! Mike Librik (the Big Kahuna of Easy Street) and Rebeccas DiLuce will be there as well., Should be a really fun time.

Almost half of the registration slots for the 2015 HOT are taken now. Don’t drag your feet. Get registered so you don’t get left out!

Drop me a line of you have any questions, comments, suugestions about the HOT!

~Jane Knight


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