HOT notes

Some updates for September: There are 62 spots for HOT registration left. I am bending the rules — My volunteers are being held from the total count. With the volunteers added, it is getting a little too close for comfort on being filled!

THERE ARE JUST NINE ROOMS LEFT IN OUR OFFICIAL HOT HOTEL BLOCK!!!!!!!! If you reserve early enough, they will give us ALL the downstairs one bedrooms until they are filled. They are just guaranteeing us NINE MORE ROOMS. After that, if they have an opening, you can get it for the “HOT15” rate ($70 a night). But NO GUARANTEES. So if you are planning on coming and want to stay at the HOT Hotel (Habitat Suites) with all the other Hotties, I strongly suggest you reserve your room NOW (remember: you MUST make the reservation by phone and give them the code “HOT15”.

The last major hurdles I need to accomplish is securing the rodeo arena for us and ordering rodeo trophies. Had to wait for school to start. Will get an email of to them this week.

No major snags so far!

~Jane Knight


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