Webmaster Update

I haven’t posted anything in a while so I figured I’d check in with folks. I’m so pleased to see that Registration has really taken off!  With 1/3 of our 100 available tickets sold and 2/3 of the room block at the Habitat Suites Hotel booked, the HOT Recumbent Rally is sure to be a big hit come February!  Five months seems like a long time to wait but it’ll be here before we know it.  If you haven’t registered or secured your housing reservations, don’t delay!

Jane, despite some trepidation early on, seems quite happy with the new Eventbrite service we’re using this year to organize registrations. I’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone who’s used it. I hope having one form is making everyone’s life easier! It’s fun to watch which color Neck Wallets you all are choosing.  Red is the most popular so far! For those of you who have registered, don’t forget to send Jane your photos of you on your bike/trike for the Who’s Who at the HOT rally.  We’d love to have a photo up for every registrant.

Jane is working on getting our ride leaders and routes planned out for Sunday so I can post those here for you all.  What other information do you need from us?  If you have specific questions, feel free to post them here!


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