Summer Sundays

Is it hot enough for you yet? WHEW at this heat! It is the impetus to get out of bed before sun up to get on the trike or bike to get some miles in before the fire alarms start going off! And it sure does make stationary trainer riding with a fan blowing on you, in air conditioning, with a big glass of ice water beside you and a big tv in front of look a LOT more attractive!

A few notes to keep my friends up to date……

Registration for the HOT opened this week and took off like a rocket. Go ahead and roll your eyes – but it makes me super happy to see all my old friends signing up, as well as seeing a bunch of new friends I haven’t met signing up. It’s like getting excited for a reunion. Sure makes it fun.

Unless you are on the witness protection program, we sure hope you send us your photo to post in the Who;s Who at the HOI. And if you get a better one on down the line and wish THIS ONE was your Who’s Who photo – send it. We’ll gladly update the photo album!

Have a question for our velomobile riders at the HOT: DO y’all want a HOT Shot velo race??????????? I sure would get a kick out of watching it!

I want to extend a BIG thank you to those who register early for the HOT. Sure makes it easier on me. I am like a PTA mother planning an event — I make about a million lists to check and double check EVERYTHING about each registration. I am not exaggerating. I have lists for neck wallets, ride choices, performance shirt orders (separate lists for separate colors), have lists on the manufacturer’s order page for the shirts, lists on Google Drive. Printed lists (2 of each list.). So it sure does help getting the information in so early. Oh yeah, I also have the name badges printed up immediately and the neck wallets loaded (except for last minute stuff). I am a little nervous — The ticker is counting on the number of registrations we can take and it makes me uneasy. I do wish we could have everybody (and their dogs 🙂 ), but we are limited to finite conditions at this point, and until I can perform a miracle, this is going to have to work. I just cannot sacrifice a quality event for sheer numbers thought. It is not fair to the HOTties.

Holler at me if you have any questions or comments (no complaints — holler at Mike if you have those 🙂 ).

~Jane Knight


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