And we’re off!!!!!!!

Is it February yet? Goodness I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas already! Everyday, a baby step is made working on the 2015 HOT!

Shelley is proving to be a PHENOMENAL help to the HOT. Goodness gracious. If I were a CEO of a high tech corporation, I would hire that lady in a HEARTBEAT. Not only is she top tier on her knowledge of things, but she is a delight to work with. If she ever approaches you for a job, I highly recommend her! 🙂 She has worked her magic and opened the registration for the HOT. WHOA NELLIE. She has this working like a high efficiency machine.

This is the second day of registration. There are 31 registered. I am getting a REAL uneasy feeling in my stomach. We are limiting attendance to 100 this year. We regrettably had to choose between compromising the fun and quality of the HOT for sheer numbers. We want the HOT to be an event where we can meet other bent riders, laugh, share rides, stories, information. We don’t have a big space to work with right now. So at this time, we are having to seal the registration at 100. Ouch. This is not easy for me.

Other than that, it is so fun seeing the color choices every one is making on neck wallets and a performance shirt if they want to purchase one. WOW we are going to be a colorful group!

Hurry Febrary! 🙂

~Jane Knight


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