Seven Months To Go!

Seven months until the HOT. Sounds far away, doesn’t it? I am, however, trying to get the bulk of the HOT plans finished NOW. Some things CAN’T be done this early, but a lot of the grunt work can. Besides, it is fun working on it!

The neck wallets/ID badges came yesterday evening! Oh the colors are just luscious!!! However, this is the year I am going to be a Demanding Consumer. Long story, but bottom line is, they did NOT print them like they told me they were going to. I even would not approve the design before printing, because I did NOT want some thing they had on the mock up on the wallets. They assure me this was just on the mock up – it would not come out in the actual printing. Well, it DID. It does not look BAD. They did it last year too, but I SPECIFICALLY said NO to it this year, and they did it anyway. Not smart. I am a Combat Shopper. I take it seriously. So I will Deal With That this morning. At any rate, all six of the colors are just off the charts great. Decide what color you want, and be sure and enter your choice when you register.

I got to thinking about something….. I am really working hard to compile a treasure chest of goodies to have for the raffle to raise money for ARFA to be able to buy trikes for the physically challenged. This raffle is extremely important. Do you have a neat item that is new and you decided you did not want after all? Donate it to the ARFA raffle! And even better — if you have a used trike – even one that needs some TLC, donate it to ARFA. We work to get used trikes in mint condition to give to recipients. I cannot truly express the profound impact receiving a trike has on the ARFA recipient. It does your heart good to see a person light up like they just won the lottery when they take their first ride on their trike from ARFA. Help the HOT make the dream of being able to ride come true for those who otherwise will never have the chance to participate in recumbent riding.

On that note, Sweet P is going to pull out her cuteness routine and we are going to Panhandle for raffle donations at the Recumbent Cycle Con in St. Charles in October 🙂 I have no pride — I will tell Sweet P to turn on the “cute” and start begging at the dealer booths 🙂

That’s the update for this week. Check back often!

~Jane Knight


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