Chipping away at the HOT: How I spend the Dog Days of sumer

It is hot in Texas. Real hot. Way too hot. My time outside is limited to walking a Pugmile (l kilometer) every morning with Sweet P when it gets light enough to see, but before the sun gets over the trees. Then it is A/C day. Oh yes, I ride. 30-45 minutes a day. But it is with a floor fan blowing on me, ceiling fan blowing, large ice water sitting beside me, and 55″ tv in front of me (LOVE riding while watching “Jeopardy”!) In self defense, I medically cannot handle the heat and humidity. But I will not lie – it sure is a lot nicer being COOL when riding!

But beating the heat also allows me a LOT of time to work on the HOT. I learned the hard way to GET THINGS DONE AS SOON AS YOU ARE AWARE OF THEM! That is one of the few things I learned in undergraduate school that I have been able to use throughout life. There were more times than I care to admit that I waited until the last minute to get school work done and ROYALLY regretted it. So I use that school of hard knocks education to help with the HOT.

Just thought y’all might like an update on the HOT progress. As you know, the HOT is not so much an organized event” as it is a reunion and party. I approach this as planning a reunion for all my friends — old ones and ones I have not met yet. So I like sharing the party plans with those who are coming!

First up, the HOT performance shirt. Most of us have ride t shirts coming out our drawers. And most of us rarely wear them. Granted, the 2014 HOT t shirt was absolutely STELLAR. And I DO wear mine a LOT. But I thought we needed to do something fun and different for the 2015 HOT. The 2014 HOT jerseys were show stoppers, but they were expensive. I wanted a shirt that would be perfect for riding, look snazzy, and be affordable. I worked with the manufacturer and we came up with this shirt:

Performance Cycling Shirt for 2015: Green
Performance Cycling Shirt for 2015: Green

This is a super lightweight, wicking performance shirt — NOT a t shirt. I used the green, because it is the “Easy Street” color. It also matches the super fun folding cowboy hats and insulated tote we are giving away to the HOTties. But I heard some grumbling about the green, so decided to also offer it in Texas Red:

Performance Cycling Shirt for 2015: Red
Performance Cycling Shirt for 2015: Red

The shirts are $16, which is unreal considering how nice they are. We do not make any money on shirt sales. We wanted them just so people could have a shirt to show they were there if they wanted!

So that’s done. Decided I might as well get the printing that needs to be done for the HOT finished up. Printed 100 ID cards to insert in the neck wallets that we ask every one to wear during the HOT. This let’s us learn people’s names and avoid saying “I couldn’t understand his or her name.” I’ll just go back and print your name as you register on one. Got 100 lunch tickets printed up. Got the 20% off any one item in Easy Street (NOT a bike or trike though) and the 10% of the purchase price of a bike or trike store credit to be used at Easy Street if you buy a bike or trike coupons printed (the coupons are valid February 27, 2015 until December 31, 2015. You definitely want to use these sweeties).

Shelley has been burning midnight oil working on designing a registration system for the HOT that will be super easy and clear to follow. Goodness she is SO smart and SO easy to work with!

Received the DaBrim Classic helmet cover and Rezzo visor that DaBrim so generously donated for the HOT raffle. These people are FIRST CLASS. We are thrilled to have them as part of the HOT family!

I am sure I will think of something else I should be telling you as soon as I get this posted, but this ought to cover it until the next entry!

~Jane Knight


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