2014 HOT video

The first of two videos of the 2014 HOT are now in cyberspace and getting LOTS of attention!

Steve Erickson, the artist behind the lens for the videos, has been shooting the HOT since it’s first start as the HOT Catrike Rally. WOW. The HOT and Steve have really grown and developed into a class act!

This year’s video captured the heart and soul of the HOT perfectly. It shows the wide range of both riders AND cyclists that enjoy the recumbent life. From those whippersnappers that are too fast to catch to the seniors who clearly ride for the fun of it, the dog lovers, the clowns, the risk takers (BE CAREFUL KEY!) – it is all packed into the HOT video. The first thing that struck me is how HAPPY everyone looks! Man, we could do a toothpaste commercial with all those teeth showing!!!

The one clip that struck me as the “this is what it is” is Andy Baket cruising by with that big smile saying “Sweet, sweet, sweet.” Yep, that pretty much says it all!

Steve’s sense of humor is so fun. Don Bynum demonstrating “advance cycling skills” was a HOOT. Greg Long asking David and Lois if they needed a push on their tandem at the rodeo. Boy there were some good laughs!

Of course, a personal favorite of mine was the Rodeo Queen kissing the winners at the Rodeo 🙂

What people need to realize is Steve composes all the music in the videos, spends countless, and I mean COUNTLESS, hours pouring through more video than any of us would care to watch. The way he subtly ties it all together to move so freely and clearly and concisely tell the story of the HOT is just off-the-charts fantastic. I cannot find enough words of praise to describe his work and his commitment to showing how much fun our lives are being involved with recumbent cycling.

I am cracking the whop now trying to speed up the second part video release!! It’s his OWN FAULT for being so talented at videography. We just love Steve Erickson!

p.s. pass the video along to all you want to see how much FUN we have at the HOT and on our bents!

~Jane Knight


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