Growing pains

I like writing this post about like I like cleaning bathrooms. I don’t WANT to, but I NEED to.

The topic this morning is crowd control. Last year, we had over 100 HOTties. We were able to handle that many, but I got nervous. Like it or not, the HOT as it is now just cannot handle more than 100 people. There are really just two resolutions: move and change the event, or limit the number attending.

Moving the HOT rivals trying to lose 100 pounds and erase wrinkles. It CAN be done, but not with out super human effort and a LOT of money.  Both of which I have none of.  The entire purpose of the HOT started out to be a way for us to meet fellow trikers and bikers and enjoy spending the weekend goofing off with people that love recumbent riding as much as we do. Pretty much the same now but it has grown, and now the HOT is trying to help ARFA get trikes for the disabled who could otherwise not get a trike. The main purpose remains the same : HAVE FUN WITH FELLOW BENT RIDERS.

Mike Librik takes a hit with the HOT every year. He is so great about letting me do whatever I want for the HOT. I try to keep the costs as low as I can for both Mike and the HOTties. This is NOT an event to make gobs of money for a business. This is an event to celebrate being a recumbent rider.

This being said, as much as I would love to have a million laid back people at the HOT, it is just not possible with out making drastic changes to the HOT. I think the HOTties like the HOT the way it is. We get to meet and become friends with people we would otherwise probably never have the chance to get to know. When the attendance starts creeping up, the interaction becomes less and less.

We have decided to cap the HOT attendance at 100 HOTties. As restrictive as this sounds, it really is not that big of a deal YET. In a few years, it will be. Hopefully there will be Divine Intervention of some sorts that will magically fix this dilemma.

This will affect the late registering people. And it will pretty much put a stop to walk up registration. We are going with the number 100: I ordered 100 give-a-ways, we are ordering lunches for 100 people (plus the extras they want), I am ordering 100 neck wallets, etc.

Feel free to offer any brilliant resolutions to this burr under the saddle. But please understand the things I am having to deal with to make the HOT truly enjoyably to those who come.

~Jane Knight


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