Rodeo Ramblings

I have been beating my head against the wall about the upcoming rodeo. Had some complaints about the length of the 2014 rodeo, and have been mentally searching for changes to make in order to make it flow a little faster.  Had some suggestions and thoroughly thought them through. Wanted to share the why’s and why not’s of each suggestion I received.

* Eliminate events – This seemed like the logical thing to do. But how do you choose WHICH event to eliminate? They each offer a different challenge for the riders, and each are a lot of fun.

* Run each event currently. This totally defeats the purpose for the rodeo. The rodeo is FOR FUN. Period. And part of the fun is watching everyone ride and cheering them on. The rodeo is a group experience — something we want everyone to share and laugh TOGETHER. And frankly, we don’t give a flip how long it takes for EVERYONE to get a chance to ride. We do not consider our HOTties cattle that we have to move through shoots. Each rider is very important to us, and we do love watching EVERYONE ride.  This is NOT a competition. This is a chance to ride in a way many of us never thought about riding. It is so much fun to ride in such a FUN way, and we want to share it with each rider. No. We have ONE arena with one person riding at a time.

* Eliminate the HOT Shot race – Some said that we have a Sped race, why have the HOT Shot too? Very simple: The Speed Race is for FUN. We want EVERYBODY riding in it – it is NOT a competition. The HOT Shot IS a competition. It is for those serious about going FAST and wanting to compete. This is a friendly horse race. We hold it last so those that do not wish to participate can leave if they like (but it is SO MUCH FUN to watch!).

So what to do? I think the key lies in better running. I dropped the ball. It needs one person for each task. I had the same person trying to do too many different tasks. That was not fair of me. So 2015 will have the Hot Mama (me) barking orders. Brass Knuckles Knight will make this rodeo ROLL. Yes, I will have a whistle and my old cheerleader megaphone and I WILL be barking orders. I will call the names of the riders and they had better be up there and ready to ROLL when I say “GO.”  We WILL keep it light and fun, but when I yell “frog”, let’s all JUMP.  (I may need some baby sitters for Sweet P when she gets tired of just sitting there).

A great idea was to have a practice arena set up off to the side so people can practice some before their ride. Good idea. I plan to implement that.

The sun played a pretty mean trick on us in 2014. Got a little toasty there, didn’t it? If you have a canopy thingamajig that can quickly be set up for shade, bring it. Strong suggestion that everyone bring an umbrella just in case to ward off the sun (where is the clip on umbrella I used to take to all of my son’s baseball games during the summer?????). Also, throw a small cooler in your car and have iced drinks on hand for yourself (the HOT Hotel supplies ice, but you ask at the front desk for it. They don’t have ice machine out. But gladly will go bag you up a sack if you ask – you don’t have to buy it).  Extra points if you bring a Snake Fan to keep  yourself cool!

So the rodeo will be the same format, but a sincere effort will be made to make that baby roll a little faster (but heck — we are on vacation and there to have fun, right? What’s our hurry?).

We want every single HOTtie to ride in and enjoy the HOT Rodeo!


~Jane Knight


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